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4B4RTH Plate


After my plates came in the mail, and I was tagged as “BUB 558″, it was most definitely time to submit the application for a personalized plate.  In Iowa, it’s a $25 application process, then an additional $5/yr on top of your normal registration.  The form allows you to make up to 5 choices, and they’ll choose the first one that isn’t already taken, and isn’t something scandalous.

My choices in order were:
2) 4B4RTH
3) 5OO
4) 5OOA

After an arduous 3 weeks of uncertainly, the notice came in the mail. My plates were ready for pickup!  “ABARTH” was already taken, so I was issued “4B4RTH”. Much better than “BUB” :)

4B4RTH Plate

4B4RTH Plate

4B4RTH Plate

4B4RTH Plate

Scorpion Intake 01

She’s Mine

Less than 24 hrs since first setting eyes on the Abarth, the papers were being signed. Time to make room in the stable garage. Just two of us at home. 5 vehicles. Sounds about right :)

Here she is up at Saylorville her first night home.

Abarth 03

Head in the clouds

Abarth 02

Dat ass

Abarth 01

Sittin tall. A bit too tall… She could use a drop :)